Types of courses & description
Setting up your own course

There are two ways to take CISM training, you can join an existing class listed in our calendar, or you can set up your own course.
Setting up your own course is actually quite easy to do, and we would be more than happy to assist you. 

Just follow these easy steps:
  • Evaluate the goals of hosting a course. Is it to provide new skills to students? to develop a CISM team? or just to refresh your teams skills?
  • Decide on which course you want to offer.
  • Choose a date that is far enough out that you/we have time to advertise the course and get sufficient numbers of people signed up. Normally a lead time of 8-10 weeks is best.
  • Find a location, it should be able to comfortably hold double to triple the numbers you expect in the course. So if you expect 20 students, find a room that could hold up to 60 people in a class room layout. We need room for the groups to spread out so its not crowded, and easier to hear each other. We've even had the classroom session in the main teaching space of a fire hall and the break out sessions in the truck bay.
  • We can also offer virtual training using ZOOM!
  • Advertise the course! You need to make sure you have enough students for the course. Normally you would need 15 as a minimum, and a maximum of 30. Make a list of all the groups of people that might be interested ie Fire, EMS, Police, EAP, Communications, Clergy, Mental health professionals, Human Resources, Security, etc.
  • In the final weeks before the course you will need to send us a list of all the names confirmed/payed for the course, collect the registration fees (we can also do this for you if needed).
  • We will take care of registering the course with the ICISF, and ordering text books for all the students.

Current and past courses/

Fall 2024 (Pending)
Group/Individual Combined course
Sudbury Ontario
Info coming soon

August 21-23rd 2024
Group/Individual combined course
Community Living London.
Community Living organizations only!
Brochure Here

August 8-9th 2024
"Assisting Individuals in Crisis" course.
Hamilton Transit. 
Brochure Here

June 5-7th 2024
Group/Individual combined course
RVH Hospital Barrie
Brochure Here

May 10-12th 2024
Group/Individual combined course
Brochure Here

March 6-8th 2024
Group/Individual Combo Course
Second round of training for Sunwing Airlines. 
Private course

February 7-9th 2024
Group/Individual combined course.
Waterloo Fire Department
Open to the public
Brochure Here

January 23-25th 2024  
Group/Individual combined course
"Healthcare focused"
Georgian Bay Hospital, Midland ON
Brochure Here

January 9-11 2024
Chatham Kent Health Alliance.
Chatham Ont
Group/Individual combined course
Open to the public
Brochure here

December 11-13th 2023
Group/Individual Combo Course
Sunwing Airlines. Private course

October 25th 2023
DEMCON Conference
Panel presentation
Details Here

October 20th 2023
CISM Refresher 8hr class. Windsor Ont
Open to the public
Info Here

October 17-19th 2023
Group/Individual combined course
Windsor Ont.
Open to the public
Brochure Here

June 19-21, 2023
Group/Individual combined course
private group

June 14-16th 2023 Concentrix 
Group/Individual Combined course
Private course

May 3rd 2023
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, World Congress
Baltimore Maryland
Presentation on CISM Applications: Stress Reactions in the Healthcare Environment
Info Here

May 15-17th 2023
Group/Individual combined course Virtual private Emergency Dispatch group

April 19-21 2023
Group/Individual combined course
Six Nations Fire Department
Brochure Here

February 28- March 2nd 2023
New Brunswick Addictions and Mental Health Services.
Brochure Here

February 8-10th 2023
Parkdale QueenWest Health. Toronto
Brochure Here

Dec 6th 2022
Thorold Fire Department
Talk on "Families of First Responders"
Closed to the public

Dec 5-7th 2022
Niagara Falls Fire Dept.
Group/Individual combined course      In-Person
Open to other First Responders.
Niagara Falls Ont
Brochure Here

November 28-30th 2022
Group/Individual combined course
Open to the public,
In-Person. Embassy Suites Niagara Falls, Ont.
Brochure Here

November 25-27th 2022
Group/Individual combined course. Open to the public,
Middlesex County Fire, Ontario (20min West of London)
Brochure here

Nov 11-13th 2022
CBT Niagara
Group/Individual combined (GRIN) course
Brochure here
course postponed

Oct 31- Nov 2nd 2022
ICRN conference, San Antonio Texas
Presentation & Panel Member

Oct 17th 2022
CISM Refresher course
Guelph Fire Department
Private course

Oct 14th 2022
CISM Refresher course
St Catharines Fire
Private course

Oct 3-5th 2022
​Group/Individual combined course
Vancouver BC
First Nations

September 21-23rd 2022
Group/Individual combo course.
In-person in
Brantford Hospital Ontario.
Brochure here

Sept 20th 2022
Ontario Ski Resort Association conference Presentation: Critical Incident Stress-How to Support Your Staff.

September 17th 2022
CISM Refresher course
Centre Wellington Fire Departments
Private course

September 15, 16, & 19th 2022
Group/Individual combo CISM course
Private course

Sept 9-11th 2022
Group/Individual combined.
West Grey Fire/Inter-Township Fire/Owen sound Fire.
Some spots open to the public!
Brochure Here

April 23, 24, & 30th 2022
Group/Individual combo CISM course Open to the Public and Ski Patrol.
Virtual by ZOOM
Brochure Here

April 22 2022
CISM Refresher course
St Catherin's Fire
Private course

February 23-25 2022
Group-Individual CISM Course
Virtual by ZOOM.
Brochure Here

January 26-28 2021
Group-Individual Crisis Intervention
Virtual by ZOOM
Private group

November 30th 2021
CISM Refresher Guelph Fire CISM Team.
Private course

November 27, 28, Dec 4th
Group-Individual CISM Course.
Virtual by ZOOM
Open to the Public and Ski Patrol.
Brochure Here

November 18th 2021
CISM Refresher course, 
Walkerton Ont.
Contact us for details

September 17-19 2021
Group-Individual Combined
Southhampton Ontario
Brochure here

July 14-16,2021
Group-Individual Combined In-person course. Concentrix Private course

June 12, 13, & 19th 2021
Group-Individual combined virtual
course by ZoomCourse for the Canadian Ski Patrol, but some spots available to the public. 
Public Brochure Here
Patrol Brochure Here

May 26, 27, & June 3rd 2021
Group-Individual combined virtual
course by Zoom. Open to the public 
Brochure Here

May 17-19, 2021
Group-Individual Combined
CF Industries
Private course

March 27, 28, & April 3rd 2021
Group-Individual combined Virtual
course by Zoom
Brochure Here

March 17, 19, & 25th 2021
Group-Individual combine VIRTUAL 
course by Zoom.
8:30-4:30 Mountain time daily
Brochure Here

February 25-26 & March 4th 2021
Group-Individual Combined 
VIRTUAL course, held by ZOOM.
Brochure Here

February 24th 2021
CISM Refresher Virtual by Zoom.
1-4pm EST.
Call or email for details.

November 24-25th 2020
Critical Incident Stress Congress.
Presentation on "Strategic Response to Crisis". Niagara Falls Ont.

November 5th 2020
ACERT Association of Campus Emergency Response
"Supporting First Responders Virtual Presentation

October 8th 2020
DEMCON Disaster and Emergency Management Conference. 
"Supporting Health Care Providers" Virtual Presentation, 

March 23-25th 2020
Group-Individual combined course
Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Youth Justice Division.

March 9-11 2020
Group-Individual combined course
Hiatus House, Windsor Ontario
Limited spots left!
New Location Caboto Club 2175 Parent Ave!
Brochure Here

February 3-5th 2020
Group-Individual combined course #2
Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Winnipeg Manitoba. 
Private course

January 29-31st 2020
Group-Individual combined course #1
Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
Winnipeg Manitoba.
Private course

October 7-9th 2019
Group-Individual combined course.
Oneida Nation on the Thames.
Private course.

October 4-6th 2019
Group-Individual combined course
Open to the public
Blue Mountain Resort, Collingwood Ontario
Brochure here

June 17-19th 2019
Group-Individual Crisis Intervention Combined Course
Kapuskasing Victim Services, open to the public.
Kapuskasing Ontario
Brochure here

June 7-9th 2019
Group-individual Crisis Intervention Combined Course.
Canadian Ski Patrol National Convention (open to the Public)
Toronto Ontario
Brochure here

May 27-29th, 2019
Group-Individual Crisis Intervention
Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare/Hospital Windsor Ontario
Brochure Here

April 2 2019
Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation Conference.
Presentation on Strategic Response to Crisis

March 1-3rd, 2019
Group-Individual Crisis Intervention
St Thomas.
Brochure here

November 21-232018
Group-Individual combined course
Walpole Island First Nation
Brochure here

October 23, 2018
Group-Individual Refresher
Canada Revenue Agency, Ottawa Ont
Private course

September 10th-12th 2018
Group-Individual combined.
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Ontario
Brochure Here

July 11th, 2018
Invisible Wounds Health Care Conference, Walkerton Ont.
Presentation on CISM in Health Care.

June 14-16th, 2018
Group-Individual Crisis Intervention Combo course.
Elgin County, Ont
Brochure Here

June 7-8th, 2018
Strategic Response to Crisis (CISM)
York Region Ont
Brochure Here

March 16th, 2018
Staff Support/CISM presentation for Venue Medical Managers at the CommonWealth Games.
GoldCoast Australia
Private event

November 28-30th, 2017
Group-Individual Crisis Intervention combo course
Bluewater Health, 
Central United Church 220 George St Sarnia
Brochure Here

November 4th, 2017
Road to Mental Readiness R2MR
Township of Tay Fire and Emergency Services
Private course

October 23-25th, 2017
Group-Individual Crisis Intervention combo course.
Blue Mountain Resort Collingwood
Brochure Here

September 20th, 2017
Road to Mental Readiness R2MR
Collingwood Fire Department
Private course

September 12-14th, 2017
Weeneebayko and area health authority, Moose Factory.
Course Full

June 3rd, 2017
Family of First Responders presentation
Ayton Fire Department
Private event

May 30-June 1st, 2017
Grin course
Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Youth Justice Division.
Private event

May 28-29th, 2017.
Strategic Response to Crisis, Mississauga Ontario
Brochure here

April 25th-28th 2017. Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation, annual national conference
Presenting on "Strategic Response to Crisis"
Details here

April 7-9th, 2017
Grin course
West Grey Fire department
Ayton Ont.
Brochure here

March 29th-30th, 2017
Canadian Ski Patrol National Convention. Big White Ski Resort, Kelowna British Columbia.
Assisting Individuals in Crisis (Open to the public)
Brochure here

March 20th, 2017
R2MR Leadership
Clairington Fire Department
Private Event

March 7-9th, 2017
Grin course
Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Thunder Bay
Private event

January 17-19th, 2017
GRIN course.
Wawa Ontario
Brochure here

December 16, 2016
R2MR 2x 4hr courses
Whitby Fire
Private Event

December 6-8th, 2016
Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve, Group Course
Private event

November 22, 2016
R2MR 4hr course
Uxbridge Fire
Private event

November 18-20 2016.
Group course.
Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
Click here for brochure

November 8th, 2016
R2MR 4hr course
Uxbridge Fire
Private event

November 3rd, 2016
PRO Aquatics Conference.
Presentation "Supporting your Staff"

October 26, 2016
R2MR 8hr course
Uxbridge Fire
Private event

October 12-14th 2016
Group/Individual combined course
Aurora Ont.
Click here for brochure

September 24-25th 2016
Group Crisis Intervention. 
Bayfield Ontario.
Click here for brochure

May 11-12, 2016
Canadian Ski Patrol National Convention, Ottawa.
Group Crisis Intervention (Open to the public)
Click here for brochure

April 19-22, 2016
Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation, bi-annual national conference
Go to canadiancongress.info/ for details or give us a call

Oct 19-21 2015
Edmonton Airport Fire Department, Alberta
Group & Individual
Crisis Intervention Combined course

Aug  2015
"CASEM" Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine
-Endurance Medicine course.

May 2015
Baltimore Maryland:
ICISF World Congress on Stress Trauma & Coping 

May 2015
Mildmay Fire Department

April 2015
Montreal, Quebec
Canadian Ski Patrol national convention

Nov 2014
Teeswater Fire Department

April 2014
Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation, bi-annual national conference

​April 2014
Group Crisis Intervention.
Canadian Ski Patrol National Conference
​Toronto Ontario
Group Crisis Intervention

Designed to present the core elements of a comprehensive, systematic and multi-component crisis intervention curriculum, the Group Crisis Intervention course will prepare participants to understand a wide range of crisis intervention services. Fundamentals of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) will be outlined and participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to provide several group crisis interventions, specifically demobilizations, defusing's and the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD). The need for appropriate follow-up services and referrals when necessary will also be discussed.

This course is designed for anyone in the fields of Business & Industry Crisis Intervention, Disaster Response, Education, Emergency Services, Employee Assistance, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Mental Health, Military, Spiritual Care, and Traumatic Stress.

Program Highlights
•Relevant research findings
•Relevant recommendations for practice
•Incident assessment
•Strategic intervention planning
•“Resistance, resilience, recovery” continuum
•Large group crisis interventions
•Small group crisis interventions
•Adverse outcome associated with crisis intervention
•Reducing risks
•Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)Completion of “Group Crisis Intervention” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (14 Contact Hours) qualifies as a class in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.

Assisting Individuals in Crisis
Crisis Intervention is NOT psychotherapy; rather, it is a specialized acute emergency mental health intervention which requires specialized training. As physical first aid is to surgery, crisis intervention is to psychotherapy. Thus, crisis intervention is sometimes called “emotional first aid”. This program is designed for teach participants the fundamentals of, and a specific protocol for, individual crisis intervention.This course is designed for anyone who desires to increase their knowledge of individual (one-on-one) crisis intervention techniques in the fields of Business & Industry, Crisis Intervention, Disaster Response, Education, Emergency Services, Employee Assistance, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Mental Health, Military, Spiritual Care, and Traumatic Stress.

Program Highlights
•Psychological crisis and psychological crisis intervention
•Resistance, resiliency, recovery continuum
•Critical incident stress management
•Evidence-based practice
•Basic crisis communication techniques
•Common psychological and behavioral crisis reactions
•Putative and empirically-derived mechanisms
•SAFER-Revised model
•Suicide intervention
•Risks of iatrogenic “harm”

Completion of “Assisting Individuals in Crisis” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (13 Contact Hours) qualifies as a class in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.

Group Crisis Intervention
Assisting Individuals in
GRIN Combined course.
CISM Refresher

This 2hr, 4hr, or 8hr class is a great review of CISM, the thought process you would go through in providing assistance, and the tools you would use. 
We use several scenarios to make the class as practical as possible. and tailor these scenarios to your profession and organization.

Please remember that students should already have taken the Group and Individual courses. This is not meant to replace taking the full course!. A annual or bi-annual review is strongly suggested.
CISM Refresher
Which course is right for me?
Setting up a course in 
your area

Contact us today to learn more  416-894-6015 or cismtraining@outlook.com
"Crisis intervention targets the RESPONSE, not the EVENT, per se. Thus, crisis intervention and disaster mental health interventions must be predicated upon assessment of need"
General Awarness & Information Sessions 

The purpose of these sessions is to increase the awarness of mental health in the workplace, and help reduce stigma. Our informational sessions on mental health, stress manegment, critical incident stress, and peer sapport programs break down barriers, and help creat healthy workplaces.
Strategic Response to Crisis
Knowing what sequence of crisis intervention processes to use for which individuals or groups, at what times, and under what circumstances is crucial to all effective early intervention programs. The course will present essential information for the assessment of both crisis situations and the effects of critical incidents on people involved in those situations. Learn to create an effective plan of action to assist those in crisis and complete a series of exercises designed to sharpen assessment and crisis planning skills. Strategic planning and tactical decision making are emphasized, as are rationales for choosing one set of crisis intervention processes over another.

This course builds confidence that crisis interventionists will make the right choices of interventions for the populations they are assisting under specific circumstances. This course requires previous training and experience. ICISF’s “Group Crisis Intervention” and “Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support” should be viewed as prerequisites.

Program Highlights
•Strategic planning as it applies to crisis intervention
•National Incident Management System and crisis intervention
•Elements of Effective Planning
•Steps in Developing the Plan
•Planning process in assessing target populations
•Determining the type, timing and resources necessary
•Assisting large numbers of people involved in a crisis
•The most important crisis intervention tactics
•Managing a complicated or large scale crisis event

Completion of “Strategic Response to Crisis” and receipt of a certificate indicating full attendance (14 Contact Hours) qualifies as a class in ICISF’s Certificate of Specialized Training Program.

GRIN Combined Course (Group/Individual)

For some groups or teams, it's more time efficient/cost effective to have members take both certifications at the same time. This allows members to be able to offer assistance to both groups & individuals immediately.

This course will combine the content from both the Group Crisis Intervention course, and the Assisting Individuals in Crisis course into one 3 day intensive format. Both certificates will be given.

This option is quickly becoming the most requested!
Advanced Group Crisis Intervention 
Designed to provide participants with the latest information on critical incident stress management techniques and post-trauma syndromes, the Advanced Group Crisis Intervention builds on the knowledge base which was obtained through the Group Crisis Intervention course and/or in publications. At the conclusion of this course, participants will have been exposed to specific, proven strategies to intervene with those suffering the ill effects of their exposure to trauma. Emphasis will be on advanced defusings and debriefings in complex situations.This course is designed for EAP, human resources and public safety personnel, mental health professionals, chaplains, emergency medical services providers, firefighters, physicians, police officers, nurses, dispatchers, airline personnel and disaster workers who are already trained in the critical incident stress debriefing format. It will also be useful for those working extensively with traumatized victims for various walks of life.This course requires previous training and experience.
 ICISF’s “Group Crisis Intervention” should be viewed as a prerequisite.

Advanced Assisting Individuals in Crisis 
Crisis Intervention is NOT Psychotherapy; rather, it is a specialized acute emergency mental health intervention which requires specialized training. This program is the second in a two course series entitled Assisting Individuals in Crisis Intervention. The program is designed to teach crisis interventions it applies to assisting individuals in crisis, one person at a time. It does not teach group crisis intervention; although some of the skill sets contained herein are certainly applicable to group intervention. This program will teach advanced scenario-based crisis intervention techniques based upon an understanding of the basic crisis intervention concepts, principles, and tactics taught in the first assisting individuals in crisis program.
Both Virtual and In-person training available
Compassion Fatigue (Coming Soon)

Watch for information about our new compassion fatigue training class, offered online, or in person.
Crisis Informed Peer Para-Counseling:                        Intervention Enhancement to the CISM Continuum.
Today we see an unprecedented mix of unique stressors & disasters with limited psychological resources. The Critical Incident Stress Management continuum offers high risk populations seeking a strategic crisis response; one that holistically builds the resilience of those in need. Crisis Informed Peer Para-Counseling (CIPP) expands the support tools of peer counselors to collectively cope with trauma and disasters. CIPP will become the 1:1 follow up service to them CISD. The unprecedented mix of unique stressors & disasters with limited psychological resources means at risk populations are seeking a strategic crisis response; one that holistically builds the resilience of those in need and expands the support tools of peer counselors to collectively cope with trauma.

Define the CIPP model
Define terms in the field of peer support & crisis intervention
Enhance skills in SAMSHA peer para counseling eight dimensions guidelines. Review Empathy versus Sympathy as a core principal of connection-Theresa Wiseman/Four Principles of Empathy- Perspective Taking/ Stay out of judgement, recognize emotions, communication.
Define Mental health, addiction & trauma related disorders
Define Peers as prevention educators
Define Psychological First Aid
Identify National, state & community behavioral healthcare & human service resources
Define CIPP episode of care

This course is the newest addition to the ICISF roster of training, and we are one of only a select few to be able to offer it in North America!